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A-C Tapes Shop - April Specials

121- Mythology & Astrology of Chiron
Julene Packer
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The lecturer begins with a mythological journey through the life of Chiron, the centaur known as the "wounded healer". Parallels will be drawn between Chiron symbolism in the mythology of his life, symbolism in synchronistic world events at the time of Chiron's discovery (plus a look at the discovery chart), and symbolism in Chiron's orbit and cycles. Julene then explores Chiron through all the signs and houses. This is great for beginners to intermediate students.
Price $6.95 - Cassette
Price $8.95 - CD
  Price $8.95 - MP3

933 - Astrology in the Bible
Bryan Trussler
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Far from condemning astrology, the Bible narratives are mostly star myths woven out of ancient zodiacs and knowledge of the Great Ages. From the twelves tribes to the twelve disciples, it is astrology! From the Aries myth of the near-sacrifice of Isaac to the Pisces myth of the virgin birth and the betrayer who commits suicide, it is astrology! Next time some fundie interloper gets going on the Bible and astrology, with Bryan's help you will be ready with some perplexing facts.

Price $6.95 - Cassette
Price $8.95 - CD
  Price $8.95 - MP3

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